12, January 2019

2019 Best Cars (Part I)

Where many see cars as just transportation or a monthly bill, some see a personality, a testament about identity, desires, and priorities.


2017 BMW M2

If the all-steroid auto Olympics were a thing, the 2019 BMW M2 Competition would be the favored in the flyweight class, having Munich’s highest and smallest bulges and bristles similar to a Little Hercules. Supplanting the 365-hp N55 turbo inline-six that powered last year’s M2 is the amazing S55, a twin-turbo inline-six harvested from the M4 and detuned in this car to 405 horsepower.

The mill is linear in its delivery, roaring all the way to the 7600-rpm redline. In a dual-clutch-equipped model, going to 60 mph happens in four seconds and the quarter-mile flies by in 12.4.

And that’s the brilliance of the M2 Competition. Instead of overcompensating for its smaller proportions by being a loud hothead, it delivers explosive power and a well-balanced framework into joyful exercise.

Z06/Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport

Corvettes don’t suffer traffic joyfully and that’s only a little of the Corvette’s issue. Driving one in a world of speed limits and inattentive Prius motorists necessitates huge restraint. It’s all too easy to get mad with left-lane dawdlers when the Corvette begins whispering evil things like: “Just pass them on the shoulder. Don’t be a punk. Just Do it. You can drive, right?”

Bullitt/Ford Mustang GT For 2019, the Mustang GT again makes crushing into the spot vacated by the Camaro, whose transcendent framework failed to prop up its bad outward practicality, visibility and looks in the face of the competition. Why now? Though eligible for one of the best spots last year, the updated-for-’18 Mustang wasn’t ready in time for testing. The GT350 was, thanks to its ‘17 win, but neglected to retain the award; its absence of changes made it ineligible this year.