13, February 2019

2019 Best Cars (Part II)

2019 Genesis G70

Genesis G70

And this Genesis can go. The low-slung G70 is built with the same straightforward set of parts as the Kia Stinger, but the wheelbase of the Genesis is inches shorter than the Kia’s, which presents the G70 classic, tight proportions. With finely flared fenders, a short front overhang, and firm skin, the G70 looks ready. It’s classy without appearing stuck-up, sporty without being high-strung.

Honda Accord / Hybrid

The Honda Accord has been on many best cars list before. Such an accomplishment is no accident. It’s  the result of Honda’s dogged attention to detail and fine tuning.

The Accord’s dynamics are many degrees beyond the agreeable, with finely tuned controls, a light helm with good feedback, and a precise and optional six-speed manual shifter. The well-placed and gentle pedals work so naturally it’s like they disappear.

Mazda MX-5 Miata / RF

Driving a Mazda Miata is the formless play of the automotive world. It’s usually a solitary activity, helpful to one’s development, and plenty of fun. Just as playing with dolls let children practice social interaction in a way that helps them direct real-life relationships, learning to heel-and-toe your downshifts helps ingrain the ability you’ll need if you want to perform those tricks in something a little less forgiving. The Miata is the sports-car variety of training wheels.

Mercedes-Benz E450 / E53 AMG

Mercedes-Benz E450

The E is smartly packaged, a shrewd handler, able to adapt to any scenario. The new 2019 AMG E53 is equipped with an engine that should have its own doctoral dissertation. If you are ready to drive around in class and style, go for it! The fact of the matter is an exotic, luxury vehicle not only looks good, but it feels good to be behind the wheel of one.