13, November 2020

Advantages to Tinting Your Car Windows (Part I)

There are many benefits of adding a tint to your windows.

Anyone who has tinted their car windows has their personal reason for doing so. For several folks, it is about how it alters the look of a car, making it appear more sporty or elegant.

But there are more feasible reasons why you should tint your car windows, with one advantage being that yes, it can really raise the value of your car. Keep reading to learn how. 

It Shields Your Car Interior

Your car spends a good amount of time in the sun, whether you are parked or driving. Over time, sun exposure will make any fabric in your car’s interior fade, as well as causing vinyl and leather to flake and crack. Moreover, it doesn’t really have to be a hot day for this to occur. It is UV light, which is still present even on cloudy days. Car window tints can halt over 99% of UV light. 

It Protects You and Your Passengers

The UV light doesn’t only cause fabrics to get brittle or fade. Overexposure to UV light also creates skin and optical damage, which can harm your vision over time, as well as raising the chance of having skin cancer. You are still open to UV light on cloudy days. Tinted car windows, regardless if you decide on a dark or clear tint, can block out a huge percentage of UV light, guaranteeing you and your passengers only need to fret about sun exposure when you’re not in your car. 

It Can Block Out Heat

On a nice summer day and after only ten minutes the temp inside your car could be 40 degrees or more. Even if your AC is on full blast, it’s going to take a minute for the temp to drop to a more tolerable degree. The right car window tint can shield over 60% of solar energy, meaning your car interior remains cooler, even on scorching days.