15, December 2020

Advantages to Tinting Your Car Windows (Part II)

Tinted windows add a bit more security to your car.

It Adds Security

A good number of car window tints deliver some strength to auto glass, making it harder for the glass to crack. This helps stop shards of glass sailing around in case of an accident, but the Pure Steel range of auto glass tints is three times heavier than most tints, making it more difficult to break, keeping your vehicle safe from vandalism and criminals. This brings an added layer of safety to what you already have with tinted windows, making it harder for potential thieves to see what is inside your vehicle. 

It Diminishes Glare

Glare from the sun is at its cruelest when the sun is setting, rising, and right overhead. It can be horrible for someone in the car when it occurs. However, it’s even worse for the driver, since besides being a horrible feeling, it also hinders your view of the road drastically. Tinted car windows can lead to a 65% decrease in glare, with just Clear UV range delivering the least amount of glare reduction.

Which Season is Right for Window Tinting?

Window tint specialists suggest that fall and spring are the ideal seasons for window tinting. Though, as long as the weather is not too cold and not too humid, you will be able to get your car windows tinted.

Vehicle window tinting does not have to be very time-consuming. Making use of a mobile window tint business can save you time and means that practically any day can be a tinting day.

Which Sort of Vehicle Tint is Best for You?

It is best to begin by thinking about what function you want for the tint to serve. If you are looking for safety against UV rays, you can use carbon or ceramic window film.

Ceramic Film delivers over 99% protection from the sun’s damaging rays and will aid in keeping your car cool too. 

Carbon Film can diminish the amount of heat that goes through your window by up to 60%.