14, October 2018

Best Cars for Snow & Ice

Any car can work on dry streets, but only certain vehicles can keep on going when the snow begins falling. all-wheel or four-wheel drive is imperative, and that used to really limit choices for buyers living in cold climates. Today, though, there are a huge variety of cars available that can handle winter driving with ease. The oldies but goodies have gotten more versatile. Below are the best cars for the snow, and they’re exactly what you need to keep the snow, sleet, and ice in check.

Subaru Crosstrek

Practically any Subaru is a solid winter car. With the exclusion of the rear-wheel drive sports car, each model in the maker’s lineup comes standard with all-wheel drive. Particularly, we feel the Crosstrek is a good all-around vehicle for winter driving.

The Crosstrek has the same body shell as the Impreza with a solid foundation than some of the older models. Subaru intends to use this basic platform for lots of its other models. The Crosstrek is just the Impreza with more ground clearance to copy the styling of SUVs. The Crosstrek isn’t an SUV. It also shows that you don’t need to own one.

Volvo V90 Cross Country

Volvo has been making Cross Country models in one form or another since ‘97. They’re sedans and station wagons with SUV-like styling aspects like taller ride heights and plastic body cladding. It’s an efficient way to sell vastly practical wagons to luxury-conscious car buyers looking to show an active lifestyle vibe.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

You’d think all SUVs with all-wheel or four-wheel drive are similarly good in the snow, but some are really better than others. Jeep’s off-road ability is more than just hype. This automaker really does put an incredible amount of tech and hardware into vehicles such as the Grand Cherokee.