7, December 2020

Best Winter Tires for Safe Snow Driving (Part I)

Snow tires have a special tread that provides better traction.

If you live an area that often sees huge amounts of snow, ice, and slush in the winter, or finds yourself going to areas that suffer from that sort of weather, it’s highly recommended that you get a set of winter tires. You might feel that your all-season tires have you covered, but contrary to their name, all-season tires are far from beneficial in the winter conditions.

On the other hand, winter tires use specialized tread designs and rubber compounds that are made to increase traction on icy surfaces and in freezing temperatures.

Winter-tire treads have purposely engineered channels, grooves, and biting edges crafted to get into the snow and move water away from the tire’s contact patch.

Winter tires come in sizes and shapes to fit all vehicles. There are high-performance winter tires, passenger car winter tires, SUV winter tires, and truck winter tires. If you can’t find a winter tire that fits your vehicle, you can use Tire Rack’s selection tool. 

Also, the costs of tires depend somewhat on the size you need. The bigger usually means more money. For safety, only fit winter tires in sets of four. Additionally, it is convenient to have winter tires mounted on a separate set of alloy or steel wheels, so they’re always in place to attach. That way, you don’t have to get them swapped at a tire shop every spring and fall. 

Best Overall: Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 Review

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