20, May 2016

British Sports Cars

The fast and furious British sports cars started to truly take off when, in 1953, the Triumph was debuted with the TR2. During this time, Triumph some of built some of the most desired in cars in the world. Americans fell in love with British sports cars and started taking a closer look at other types.

Taking A Look at The Cars

The Jaguar is probably the most well-known British fast, sport car. A lot of people think of the Jag as the crème de la crème of cars. The brand-new Portfolio which was revealed in 2007 had a speed of over 150 mph and can reach 60 mph in just 5 seconds. The Portfolio has a huge 4 -liter engine and the car is available for anyone anywhere in the world.

On the other hand, BMW also presented a new coupe and convertible. These were intended to be the most highly fascinating BMW sports cars. They contained aerodynamic styling and a lower suspension which gave a sportier look. These new BMWs were available in Silver, Black, Blue, Graphite, White, and Red.

Not to be outdone, Aston Martin stated it was improving its Vanquish S. This sports car is famous for being luxurious and stylish, and featured in James Bond films. The Vanquish S Ultimate Edition contained a number of the same features as the Vanquish S, which a lot of the British loved. Only 40 were constructed, and these cars were only available as a limited edition. They sold out in only a few weeks. These sports cars were only offered in black, with an interior made of leather-trim and black chrome. Top speed on this baby was at 200mph.

This car is the finished product of years of customer requests and possesses the features that a lot of sports car enthusiast asked for.