6, February 2020

Car Colors That Can Make or Break Resale Value (Part I)


Everyone wants to end up with a vehicle that lasts for the long haul. Though, auto consumers will discover that is easier said than done. Right when you think you are focusing on a model recognized for dependability, it could end up on a worst-of list. 

Even with so many developments in engineering, automakers still create lemons on a consistent basis. This is why it is vital to know that if you are searching for a new car, a replacement vehicle, or just curious about what to know if you desire to resale your car, this article is for you. 

Then there are the vehicles you only want to own for a couple of years. In these instances, strong resale value should be a key priority. When experts looked at vehicles with the worst devaluation in recent years, studies found a huge number of BMW and Mercedes models among them. Luxury vehicles usually lose value quicker than others.

In a study recently released, researchers looked at a subject many consumers usually ignore which is car colors. Compared to the average, cars with the top color devalued 29% less than the worst color after a few years of ownership. Over three million used car sales in a year were used in this study. Keep reading to find out how each color affected resale value, from the most damaging impact to the best.

There aren’t many orange color cars.

Orange ranks at No. 2

Depreciation: 30.6%, 8% better than average

Another unpopular color that holds true on resale value is orange. Like with green models, orange cars have a more flamboyant image and have a steady demand on the secondhand market. Data revealed them losing 32% of the value after a few years, a 9% improvement over the average vehicle. Selling times were just over the average at 32 days on the used market.