17, July 2020

Coolest Car Gadgets (Part I)

Don’t forget to pack these handy gadgets when you’re loading up your car for your road trip.

Warm temps and long days make summer the perfect season to take a road trip with loved ones. When doing so, though, you have to be sure your car is lined with useful devices designed to help during an emergency, as well as some rather unnecessary, but enjoyable products to make the most of your time on the road. From a coffeemaker for your car to a self-powered jump starter, below are some of the best car gadgets for your next road trip.

Schumacher Jump Starter 

Jumper cables are excellent if you have another vehicle to give you a jolt. Though, if you’re in a really isolated area, jumper cables are virtually useless. The self-powered, portable Schumacher is great for this scenario, and it also lets you test your battery and your alternator, so you’ll know precisely where your problem is coming from.

Ztylus Stinger 

No one wants to think that they will get in a car accident. However, being ready for it will give you a sense of security. The Stinger is a nifty device to have at your disposal after an accident. If your car doors or windows are jammed, the Stinger is crafted to break the dashboard or car window, thus letting swiftly exit your vehicle. Also, the device has a slim blade on the backside, which lets you cut through a jammed seat belt.

Fobo Tire Plus 

Correctly inflated tires wear more evenly, thus raising the lifespan of your rubber and fuel efficiency. Instead of using a handheld pressure gauge to make sure your tires are accurately inflated, though, the Fobo Tire Plus system uses a series of Bluetooth gauges that transmit this information right to your smartphone. Fobo will let you know when your tire pressure is getting too low right to your phone. The app even offers a straightforward tutorial, making installation simple.