21, July 2016

Fast Super Cars: You Will Have to Pay for That Horse Power

For the well-to-do, it seems to be a testimony of success when they own expensive and fast sport cars. These sport cars will typically be found in places, like California and Florida, since these places are where the rich generally live. In other countries, you could find members of royal families and government driving sport cars, but not many working-class folks will ever get the dough to purchase one.

Sport Car Models

The striking Ferrari Modena is a well-known model which provides a six-speed transmission, a V8 engine, and gets anywhere from 10-17 mpg.  The cost is a little over $151,000, and the Ferrari is able to go 189 mph and reach over 55 mph in about 4 seconds.

Another top-of-the-line fast sport car is the Lamborghini, with the Spyder being the model that is the most well-known and liked. Considered the most beautiful car on earth, the Spyder has a V10 which gets to a speed of over 190 mph with the roof up and over 191 mph with the roof down. The cost is around $194,000 and it has a light aluminum frame lets the car to get to faster speeds and it can do a ¼ of a mile in less than 13 seconds, getting to a speed of 122.

If you want to come down off the clouds and back to reality, you should take a gander at the Dodge Viper. It has a V10 which can get to 190 mph, will do 0-60 in less than 4 seconds, and a ¼ of a mile in less than 12 seconds. The Viper does between 10 to 20 mpg and cost around $80,000. This makes the Viper a fast sports car, but one that is quite affordable. For those folks who feel the need for speed, but don’t need the hefty price tag, this is your answer.