19, July 2019

Hand-Washing vs. Automated Washing: Which is Better?

When you want to take care of your car, enhancing its appearance, extending its life, maintaining its resale value, it must be washed regularly. Should you wash a car yourself or to use a drive-through car wash? Take a look at the differences.

The Pros and Cons of Hand Washing

PRO: Higher touch. There’s just no contrast to the level of attention and service you can bring to your car. When you are the one taking off dirt and getting into crevices, your car gets a high-class wash.

PRO: Low cost. All it costs to clean your car is the cost of buckets, quality sponges and wipes. Most of these items are easy to access and keep on hand, so you’re able to wash your ride anytime.

CON: Damage to paint. Ironically, the extra care you can bring to your car with hand-washing could really harm it. As you scrub away, you could inadvertently scratch it or wear away at its delicate nature.

CON: Time-intensive. Washing your car takes longer than going through a car wash. It also can be physically challenging to keep laboring at scrubbing and wiping for hours.

 The Pros and Cons of a Car Wash

PRO: Complete coverage. Today’s automated car washes are professionally made to run through a certain set of steps, so it’s less likely that some spot of your vehicle will get overlooked.

PRO: Better paint protection. A car wash is crafted to be gentle. This can safeguard your paint and help it last longer.

PRO: Fast. One of the biggest advantages of a car wash is speed. You can get in and out in minutes, having a clean car without wasting a moment.

CON: Water spotting. Automated car washes can leave water marks on the cars that don’t get to air-dry good, so the overall effect is less than perfect. CON: Lower touch. While a wash that involves less car contact is good for the paint, there’s also the chance that some hard-to-remove dirt gets left on the vehicle.