14, September 2019

Is a Hybrid/Electric Car for Me?

There are lots of good reasons to go electric. Although the up-front costs can be a little higher than diesel or petrol cars, there are government grants available to aid with the cost of purchasing plug-in models. Though, the long-term decreases in fuel costs are significant, with drivers on average saving lots per thousand miles.

With fewer parts to service in an electric car, maintenance is cheaper. On top of all this, with no tail pipe emissions, you’ll be doing your part to have cleaner air for the earth.

An electric car charging in California

Can electric cars go the distance?

While the incentives to consider electric motoring are tempting, the main question for possible buyers tend to be about charging and range.

Firstly, it’s certainly worth pointing out that the average distance covered by household cars works out at about 15-20 miles per day.

So, while most may have some questions about electric cars, ruling them out because you believe them to be impractical for your life, is going to be wide of the mark.

Taking on longer trips

But sometimes it’s the trip that don’t follow to that general pattern that give folks the most doubts about these vehicles. That long journey to a relative you do two or three times a year, perhaps.

But things have come a long way since the Nissan Leaf was initiated in 2010, starting electric cars’ journey into the mainstream.

Not for all – but good for most Ultimately, if you’re always trekking up and down the motorway, a pure electric vehicle is unlikely to be the top choice for you at the moment. Though it’s possible that a hybrid, plug-in hybrid or extended range electric car would do a good job in serving your needs, while reducing fuel costs and contributing to lessening greenhouse gas emissions.