12, May 2020

Preferred Car Colors for Men and Women (Part I)

Men like bright colored cars.

If you were to do a survey about what buyers choose for their vehicle’s color, most likely you’ll end up with results showing silver, black, and white rounding out the top. But what if you were to ask the question to men and women, separately, would those same colors still hold?

According to research, men preferred bright, non-traditional colors while women typically go for neutral shades.

This article is going to take a look at the top three colors for each sex and see why they like these colors.

Men’s Favorite Color #1: Orange

Topping the list for the average man’s favorite color is orange, with orange vehicles representing over 27% favorite bias from men in 2014. Orange has been going upwards for the last few years with more manufacturers using the color to their vehicles. This color is prevalent on sports cars, where the message of being aggressive and fast is accentuated.

Men’s Favorite Color #2: Brown

Coming in at the second spot for men is the color brown. This color has been increasing in popularity over the past couple of years as more vehicles like luxury sedans and SUVs have started to have the option. Some consider the color a way to display respect for understated styling, while others see the somewhat uncommon hue as a way to show how much they appreciate the quality of their vehicle.

Men’s Favorite Color #3: Yellow

The third favorite color for men is yellow, which over 7% of men favored. Similar to brown, yellow has been having a comeback in the last few years. This color is typically seen on sports cars where it gives a sense a speed. Also, yellow is seen on compact and subcompact cars, where it gives off a sense of boldness.