3, June 2020

Preferred Car Colors for Men and Women (Part II)

Women tend to like neutral colors like gold, silver, and beige. 

Women’s Favorite Color #1: Gold

For women, their favorite color on new cars starts with gold, which over 12% of women favor. This is a color that appears on plenty of sedans, compacts, and crossovers. Some believe that gold follows the same notion as yellow as far as displaying boldness. Unlike yellow, though, gold is way more mellow.

Women’s Favorite Color #2: Silver

Silver ranks as the 2nd most popular color for women. This is a color that is very noticeable on numerous vehicles, from the biggest SUV to the lowly subcompact. Silver is usually known to represent upscale and class.

Women’s Favorite Color #3: Beige

Beige takes the third spot for women. Now, before an argument starts regarding if gold and beige are the same color, it is agreeable for the purpose of this article that there is an obvious difference between the two colors. With that out of the way, beige sort of follows the same concept as brown. It’s typically suggestive of a driver who wants a quiet existence.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to car colors, men obviously aren’t a subtle bunch. 

Men like blazing bright car colors, based on new research which studied the color preferences of women and men. 

The top colors that men want are yellow and orange, while women’s top preferences vivified a little this year with teal and gold as their chosen colors. Beige, which was ranked number two last year for women, dropped to number six. 

It’s very interesting to look at the huge divide between the research to reveal the most popular car colors overall to the studies that distinguished color preferences by gender. On the whole, it would seem that men want more aggressive, bolder statements while women like plain, sedate choices.