8, September 2016

The Modernization of Sport Cars

Modernization of sports cars has been unrelenting. The perception of the sports car made by Enzo Ferrari’s in the 1920s was the start of the sports car industry. He was the person who lead the way for other automobile manufacturers to shadow the blueprint of the Ferrari sports car.

The great patterns of the Ferrari are famous for their car racing triumph and the Ferrari is the most showy and profitable racing team in Formula One racing history.  Ferrari has manufactured cars that have mesmerized the world with their renderings of the sports car and have endorsed drivers like Schumacher and Ascari in the sport of auto racing.

The F430 is Ferrari’s flagship. This sports car is a muscular two-seater coupe. It has become the most wanted sports car because of its remarkable performance and reasonable price of around $160,000 which is much lower in cost then most vehicles in its class.

The release of the Ferrari Superamerica hardtop convertible, which is around $300,000, was the biggest seller when it was exhibited in all Ferrari showrooms in the United States. It has an amazing, yet powerful V-12 engine and the style of the transmission is from the F-1 version. The basic package on all Ferrari models contains transmission paddle shifters located on the steering wheel.

Because of the rapid modernization of Ferrari designs, the company has obtained ownership of the Maserati, a true competitor in the manufacture of sports cars. Since then, it has increased the sales of Maserati and updated the production facilities of the business. Also, it started making new models like the Quattroporte that goes for $95,000 and the Spyder GT convertible that can be bought for $83,000. Just like with other products in the world, even sport  cars are needed to keep up with the time to stay competitive in the industry.