14, May 2018

The Tesla Model 3

Tesla’s Model 3 may be the most highly anticipated car of all time.

Over 300,000 people laid down a deposit to put their hands on one of the affordable battery electric sedans after Tesla chief Elon Musk reveled the car in 2016.

The first ones are coming out of the factory, and you can get one for a long


holiday weekend test drive.


The Model 3, from its inauguration as Tesla’s “mass-market vehicle,” assured the transportation trifecta of long range, low cost, high performance, and long range. The 3 was to be silent, quick, and sporty, releasing no pollutants while traveling over 150 miles charged and priced at less than $35,000.

Many folks assumed that it would have Tesla’s technologically classy Autopilot driver assist software, however it does not. You have to upgrade. It can be completely charged in less than 60 minutes with the Supercharger network. Though, Model 3 owners don’t have free access to the network like other owners do.

Some really wanted to be driving their Tesla 3s quickly, but they can’t because the cars aren’t being built yet. Tesla is making only the fully loaded 3s at this time.

On its real promises, the Model 3 delivers, most of the time.

The sleek midsize sedan, in its base model, is fueled by a lithium-ion battery fastened to a permanent magnet motor that will quicken the rear-wheel-drive car from to 60 mph in under six seconds to a top speed of over 120.

That battery pack is able to go up to 220 miles between charges and can be recharged at the rate of 130 miles of range per half-hour at one of the charging stations, or at the rate of about 30 miles per hour from a 240-volt system.