11, December 2019

Tips for Driving Safely with Hearing Loss (Part II)

Make sure the volume is turned down.

While driving

Turn down the volume on the car radio. Not only is having the volume low good for your remaining sense of hearing, but you’ll also have more mental energy to focus on other noises around you, particularly those vital for your safety. Here’s a tip: Change the volume before you start out on the road, so you don’t have to mess with the dials while the car is moving.

Ask passengers to keep the conversation low and to a minimum. While it’s always great to be part of the conversation, joining in any activity besides driving means your attention isn’t entirely focused on the road. If you are having trouble hearing the other folks in the car, either as the passenger or as the driver, talk to your hearing care professional about technology choices that may be available and helpful to you.

Keep the car window closed to reduce road noise. Today’s vehicles are equipped to lessen road noise, which is great news for those with hearing loss. Anytime you can lessen the host of noises vying for your attention, the better you’ll be able to hear the ones you should. 

Concentrate on driving, which means anything else such as eating, texting, or applying makeup, can wait until you get to your destination. You already realize this and have possibly said it out loud once or twice to your loved ones. Make this a habit for safety’s sake and to model solid driving behavior to your young family members.

Put the phone down. You should avoid talking on the phone while driving so you can put all your attention on driving. Though, if you have to have a phone conversation, you might want to use your hearing aids’ hands-free Bluetooth, if you have one. Talk to your hearing care specialist about this.