21, August 2018

Top Road Trip Vehicles

Besides the way the toilet paper should be dispensed from the roll, few life decisions are more personal than one’s selection of road tripping vehicle.

To keep it real, we’re not talking about a little two-hour jaunt to the beach. This list is about the vehicles you’d want to go the distance in, including cross-country. From the sensible to the exotic to classic automotive icons to family-friendly SUVs, here are the top road trips cars.

Lamborghini Urus

Two words: Lamborghini. SUV. If money is not an issue, and you’re a fan of really fast road trips, you can stop reading. The Lamborghini Urus is possibly the only road trip car on your wish list.

Jeep Cherokee XJ

Over time, most SUVs have moderated as makers understand that their drivers seldom go off-road. The latest generation of Jeep Cherokee splits its platform with the Dodge Dart. But the older Jeep Cherokee XJ is the SUV for SUV purists who want to spend as much time off the pavement than on. Don’t let the fact that it’s dated fool you. That just means you can find an older model for a bargain. Also, replacement parts are promptly available. It has plenty of room for your friends and gear.

Honda Element

If you’re amazed as to how the Honda Element and Lamborghini are on the same list of greatest road tripping cars of all time, read on.

The whole cargo space is flat with an industrial floor liner that can be watered down if needed. That means you can put a lot more than you’d expect inside the deceptively roomy cargo space, particularly with the two rear seats gone. The four seats can also be made into a single bed of sorts, which is perfect for couples.