23, September 2018

Top Tailgating Vehicles

It’s fall, so folks across the country are enthusiastically immersing themselves in the nation’s favorite sport: tailgating. If you haven’t had the pleasure, tailgating means family and friends, drinking and eating from the back of a parked vehicle before or after a game.

You’ll typically find tailgate parties in the parking lot of a football stadium, but they also pop up at other sporting events as well as horse races, car races and, concerts.

In addition to music, drink and food, a true tailgate party need the right car, SUV or truck. Anything with four wheels will do at last minute, but the ideal vehicle will have some special aspects that will make the party fun and simpler to manage.

Chrysler Pacifica

With three rows of seats, the Pacifica has lots of room for tail gaters. Fold up the last row and you get over 47 cubic feet of room available for supplies and food. The standard six-speaker sound system does well, but upgrading to the 13-speaker system will kick the jams out that much further. You can also get hands-free power sliding doors and liftgate that make loading a snap

Ford F-150

Pickup trucks can be superb tailgating vehicles. The F-150 fills the bill with lots of storage space and room for up to six individuals. An optional audio system has 10 speakers and a CD player and a subwoofer. The F-150 connectivity offers helpful smartphone integration. You can power up TVs and radios with an inverter that provides over 350 watts.

Honda Odyssey

The redesigned Odyssey cavernous interior guarantees that space won’t be an issue, whether the tailgate party is for a crowd or you have hordes of stuff.

Even with the third-row seat in place, the Odyssey has plenty of room for party goods. A removable center console has a pop-up trash-bag holder and a powered cooler aids in keeping refreshments chilled. Clean up time? Reach for your Hondavac.