26, April 2017

What’s New in the World of Lamborghini

De Tomaso Pantera GT5

Lamborghini persists in pushing the bar when it comes to innovative features and designs in the land of exotic cars.

Going on sale in 2018, Project Panther wants to unite the sleek modern built of the 2017 Lamborghini Huracan with the steel unibody style of the first De Tomaso Pantera.

Following the design of the 1970s version, the ARES supercar will sustain many of De Tomaso’s custom design features, like pop-up headlamps. These will be alongside more advanced adaptations, such as new exhaust pipes and 10-spoke wheels. While the first Pantera had a full speed of 160mph, ARES has not yet established the abilities of its project’s engine.

With ARES Design being directed by Panatescu, fans can expect an upcoming classic that mixes the very character of this famous icon with the contemporary potential of Modena’s technical engineering.

Dany Bahar, head of ARES Design, emphasized the launch to go with the company’s goal of producing the world’s most spectacular bespoke and coach-built cars. Establishing the company just a few years ago, Bahar takes pride in ARES’ exclusive selling point, being a brand that provides a complete range of services from full coach-building to personalization in the same place.

Built in little numbers, ARES have stated to have already confirmed deposits with a number of real aficionados. They believe this to be a true indicator of the project’s increasing interest.

ARES “Project Panther” will be beside their new design coupe for Bentley Mulsanne, stated previously. It will also be a key part of their creations enterprise.

The most idealistic models, these distinctive specimens are set to express the highest limits of design and technology. Revealed at the most prestigious worldwide motor shows, they give a special look at the most unique solutions that Lamborghini may assume in its future production models.